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With Zen London you have the option to choose from a wide range of treatments, varying from a classic holistic massage providing traditional relaxation, to a deep tissue massage which relieves severe tension and stress.

We understand how busy, stressful and tiring life can get; which is why with Zen London we want to offer treatments that relieve this pressure in the comfort of your own home, office or hotel, allowing you to go back to your daily life feeling more relaxed, wholesome and nurtured from head to toe.

Massage therapy used to be seen only as a luxury, a day in the spa, a treat. Although it still is all of these things, recent research has also shown that massage therapy can be effective in aiding certain conditions, such as reducing anxiety levels, stress, chronic pain and muscle tension. It has also been suggested to aid with specific ailments, for example insomnia, sports injuries, fibromyalgia and many more.

Find out more about each massage treatment we offer by selecting from the options listed below.

Holistic Massage
A unique and gentle full body massage that will address the whole you and will be designed to suit your individual needs.
About the Treatment
  1. What is a Holistic Massage?
    The word ‘Holistic,’ can be defined as the treatment of a person as a whole as different parts of us are intimately connected. In terms of the Holistic massage, this concept will be utilised by your therapist by taking into account how you are feeling physically, energetically and emotionally. Therefore, the treatment you will receive will be totally unique and tailored to you specifically.
    This treatment combines many techniques including oil-based Swedish massage, gentle massage, deep tissue massage, stretches, pulsing and Reiki (improving the flow of energy in o...
A treatment involving the application of pressure to certain areas of the feet which are mapped to specific organs and systems within the body, leading to an improvement in general health and overall well-being.
About the Treatment
  1. What is Reflexology?
    Reflexology involves the therapist using their hands to apply pressure and compression to specific areas of the feet. These areas correspond to regions of the body via the nervous system, and the therapist will use their knowledge of the reflexology map to guide where they apply the pressure. By doing this, the therapist can detect imbalances and blockages of energy within the body and will send signals to these areas in order to relieve tension. Therefore, although only the feet (and occas...
Lomi Lomi
Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage – a spiritual and gentle treatment that will leave you feeling peaceful, relaxed and at harmony.
About the Treatment
  1. What is Lomi Lomi?
    “Lomi Lomi,” is traditionally used to mean “to rub, press or squeeze,” in Hawaii, used to describe the type of flowing strokes and kneading movements that the therapist will use. This treatment is based on the belief that that memories are stored in cells of the body and this massage helps to rid of adverse behaviours and patterns.
    Lomi Lomi is a holistic healing tradition beyond just a simple massage. The therapist will use their palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles and elbows to create large movements and pressure. Often dance-like strokes are used along w...
Deep Tissue/Sports
A specialised treatment where firm pressure is used to relieve tension in the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue, most beneficial for those who experience chronic pain, have had a physical injury and athletes.
About the Treatment
  1. What is a Deep Tissue Massage/Sports Massage?
    This treatment is designed to massage and release tension in the deep muscles and stretch out the fascia also. The therapist will use various tecniques in order to relive stress in the muscles and tissue such as stretching, neuromuscular techniques and myofascial release.
    For the deep tissue sports treatment, anti-inflammatory creams will be used, as these will aid with the process of pain relief in the muscles and tissues. These topical creams will be a...

A combination of yoga, ayuverda and acupressure forming a greatly peaceful and healing massage.
About the Treatment

  1. What is a Thai Massage?
    The technique of Thai Massage with yoga originates from China, India and South-East Asia combined, and hence the framework of the treatment varies among therapists and throughout the world.
    Overall a Thai Massage involves the therapist guiding your body through a series of yoga positions whilst rubbing and massaging various areas of the body, focusing on pressure points and lines of energy (acupressure). This process will aid to relieve certain areas of stress and tension and also improving your flexibility at the same time.
  2. Why choose a T...
Our most popular treatment; a classic massage using various techniques and pressures ideal for relaxation and tranquillity.
About the Treatment
  1. What is a Swedish/Classic massage?
    This treatment is our most popular option as it resembles what people would classify as the “traditional” massage, therefore being an option that would suit everyone no matter what your preference.
    The Swedish or Classic massage uses five styles of long, flowing strokes, theses being effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction and vibration/shaking. The different strokes as well as varying pressures that the therapist will use ensure that the massage leads to a sense of relaxation as well as benefitting t...
Jet Lag
An energising and uplifting treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed if jet-lagged, fatigued or mentally worn-down after a long flight.
About the Treatment
  1. What is The Jet Lag Treatment?
    This therapy is specific for those who need a revitalising and stimulating treatment after a long haul holiday resulting in jet-lag.
    Holidays are a much needed break from the stressful busy lives we lead; however jet-lag is maybe the only downside to taking a break somewhere far away. Jet-lag is as a result of the time differences between destinations disrupting the bodies’ circadian rhythm when crossing time zones. It can result in various symptoms such as disruption of appetite, bowel habits, blood pressure, urine production. It can lead to...
Hot Oil
Soothe, relax and relieve muscle tension with our all new Hot Oil Massage...You have to feel it, to believe it.After a busy day at work, what can be better than a soothing, relaxing, hot oil massage to relieve the stress, strains and tensions of the day? Using the finest oils heated to a perfect temperature and then slowly dripped over your body allowing the heat of the oil to awaken your body senses as it warms and caresses your skin. Our therapists use professional spa equipment to perform the Hot Oil massage, so it is delivered to you at the perfect temperature.
Trigger Point/Detox

Try our herbal Kinetic Gel, an all-natural plant extract formula which can stimulate muscles prior to activity and relax muscles following activity. Suitable for injuries such as hamstring, calf, thigh, groin and back muscle strains.Kinetic Gel also increases muscle blood flow, mobilises soft tissue and improves lymphatic drainage. This helps to bring nutrients to the muscles, break down adhesions that cause stiffness and remove waste products from muscle tissue. This prepares your body before activity and helps you recover faster, the perfect ingredient for your sports deep tissue massage.


About the Treatment

  1. What is a pregnancy massage?
    A pregnancy massage is a specialised treatment for prenatal mothers wishing to have a treatment that will provide relaxation and relief whilst aiding in areas that can be difficult for a mother during her pregnancy. This treatment will involve various massage tecniques and traditional movements but will involve the awareness of your pregnancy and the difficulties that can arise with it.
    Research has shown that due to changes in centre of gravity when carrying a baby, stress can be placed on areas of the body such as the lower spine, abdomen and pelvis. This treatment will aid in the relief of these stresses while also providing some down-time and rest.
Zen Signature

A traditional full body massage specific to Zen London for those who require an energising, restorative treatment.
About the Treatment

  1. What is the Zen Exclusive?
    This treatment is based on popular and ‘typical’ massage techniques, however will be tailored to your specific needs according to what you want to gain from it. The therapists will use a range of pressures, short and long strokes and kneading techniques to provide ultimate relaxation, as well as improving health factors such as circulation, your immune system and muscle tension.
  2. Why choose the Zen Exclusive?
    Most recommended for those new to massage therapy and requiring a tranquil experience. Also suggested...
Four hands lomi

A gentle oil-based massage involving two therapists addressing your entire body, excellent for an intense feeling of relaxation and sense of well-being.
About the Treatment

  1. What is The Four Hands Lomi Treatment?
    “Lomi,” traditionally means “to rub, press or squeeze,” in Hawaii, however unlike the traditional “Lomi Lomi,” massage, this treatment involves two therapists to one person. It is based on the belief that that memories are stored in cells of the body and this massage helps to rid of adverse behaviours and patterns.
    Plenty of oil is used in this treatment and the therapists will synchronise to ensure the same pressure is distributed throughout your body...
Couples massage
A treatment where you can share the relaxing experience of a massage with your loved one.
About the Treatment
  1. What is the Couples Massage?
    An incredibly popular option right now is the couples massage where you have the ability to share a massage with a loved one, whether that be a husband, partner, friend, child, the choice is yours!
    The massage will be performed simultaneously by two therapists who will tailor each massage to yours and your loved one’s individual needs.
  2. Why choose the Couples Massage?
    This treatment is a perfect gift and works extremely well as an opportunity to experience some relaxing quality time together with a loved one. It is also a great way to introduce someone to massage treatmen...
Indian Head Massage

About the treatment

  1. What is the Indian Head Massage? 
    The Indian head massage is derived from the Ayurvedic healing system which strives to create a balance between the body and mind. Originally the techniques were developed by women in India to help stimulate hair growth and now it has been developed to encompass the upper back, arms and shoulders. This gentle and nurturing massage incudes a variety of techniques including circular massage strokes on your scalp and deep tissue work on your shoulders. The combination of brisk friction movements and slower circular movements will release tension through your whole body, leaving you feeling calm and revitalized.
  2. Why choose a Ind...

Chair massage

About the treatment

  1. What is a Chair Massage?
    This modern-day chair massage is a quick stress release for people on-the-go. This treatment involves sitting on a chair that has a downward angled cradle for your face to rest on and combines kneading and acupressure to relieve tension in the muscles, of areas of your back, shoulders, neck and arms which is an effective way to counteract physical tension and the negative effects of stress. By the end of the treatment you will feel reenergized to carry on with your day.
  2. Why choose a Chair Massage?This massage is perfect for the workplace or for corporate events to reduce issues such as neck and shoulder pain developed from patterns as...
What our clients think!
"Had a 3 hour massage with Jade. Did have some painful muscles on legs and lower back before we started afterwards all was good. Top massage."
Stewart Tue, 06 June 2017
"Excellent experience! My one hour relaxation massage was phenomenal. Anna is a dedicated and skilled therapist. My only regret is that my session was only 60 minutes."
Clinton Fri, 04 August 2017
"Jana puts you at ease and enables one to ask questions which he answers to the best of his ability. Jana explains what she's doing and showed me some stretching exercises in conjunction with the massage that were very helpful. Her massage techniq..."
Jay Morris Fri, 10 November 2017
"As an International and Olympic athlete I set my expectations very high and massage is no exception. I thoroughly recommend Tasha as a massage therapist as she has delivered a world class massage every time. "
Ole Sun, 19 April 2020
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