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About the Treatment

  1. What is a pregnancy massage?
    A pregnancy massage is a specialised treatment for prenatal mothers wishing to have a treatment that will provide relaxation and relief whilst aiding in areas that can be difficult for a mother during her pregnancy. This treatment will involve various massage tecniques and traditional movements but will involve the awareness of your pregnancy and the difficulties that can arise with it.
    Research has shown that due to changes in centre of gravity when carrying a baby, stress can be placed on areas of the body such as the lower spine, abdomen and pelvis. This treatment will aid in the relief of these stresses while also providing some down-time and rest.
    Our therapists trained in pregnancy massage will adjust their tecniques according to your stage of pregnancy, any specific difficulties you are having and your reasoning for having the therapy. Large changes occurring to the body during the special time of pregnancy can be stressful and may even lead to aching in certain areas. With this treatment we want to ensure that you feel more tranquil but also strong and healthy during your pregnancy.
  2. Why choose the pregnancy massage?
    Massage therapy is an entirely healthy way to relieve aches and pains whilst improving your mental wellbeing at the same time. Not only will this treatment benefit those who are experiencing aches and pains during their pregnancy, but will also aid mentally by providing a calming and relaxing experience. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause feelings of anxiety and depression. Prenatal massage therapy has been shown to relieve and help with these changes.
    Please note that women who experience any ailments associated with their pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia or are experiencing a high risk pregnancy should consult their midwife or GP before opting for this therapy.
  3. Main benefits
    • Relief of back pain, headaches, leg cramps and oedema
    • Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
    • Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
    • Reduce prenatal anxiety/depression
    • Stimulates release of serotonin (a chemical in the body that relieves pain)
    • Lowers stress levels
    • Improves sleep

What to expect…

  1. Before
    The therapist will initially consult you about whether you have any aches or pains that have arisen during the pregnancy and what you would like to gain from the treatment. This will ensure that you get the most out of your treatment and it is tailored specific to you.
    You will be left alone to undress and then lie on the massage table on your side or back with assistance by the therapist if required. The therapist will ensure you are as comfortable as possible using cushions as support if necessary.
  2. During
    The therapist will use various tecniques and strokes with different body parts including their palms, elbows, fingers and knuckles. This will also depend on what stage of your pregnancy you are in, and our expert therapists will utilise their knowledge to ensure they are using the most suitable tecniques. No pain should be endured during the therapy and in the case of feeling any pain, please do let the therapist know straight away.
  3. After
    After your treatment, we advise to drink plenty of water in order to aid removal of toxins that will have been released and to rehydrate the body. Following the massage, you should both continue to relax and if feeling sore, a hot bath is highly recommended.
Please note: All our therapists can perform the summer massage. Your summer massage can be combined with all massage treatments so simply choose your massage type and leave an additional comment "summer massage" on the booking confirmation page.
What our clients think!
"First time using a visiting massage company. What a great experience. Lucy has an amazing massage. Arrived on time and very professional will be booking again very soon thanks a million!"
Karen Tue, 18 October 2016
"Excellent experience! My one hour relaxation massage was phenomenal. Anna is a dedicated and skilled therapist. My only regret is that my session was only 60 minutes."
Clinton Fri, 04 August 2017
"I had an accident injuring my neck almost 7 years ago. I have had neck pain and constant headaches ever since. I started seeing Katia and within a few visits my headaches were gone and my neck was much better. She also gave me recommendations on how..."
Emily Tue, 30 May 2017
"Had a 3 hour massage with Jade. Did have some painful muscles on legs and lower back before we started afterwards all was good. Top massage."
Stewart Tue, 06 June 2017
Some of our clients
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