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A combination of yoga, ayuverda and acupressure forming a greatly peaceful and healing massage.
About the Treatment

  1. What is a Thai Massage?
    The technique of Thai Massage with yoga originates from China, India and South-East Asia combined, and hence the framework of the treatment varies among therapists and throughout the world.
    Overall a Thai Massage involves the therapist guiding your body through a series of yoga positions whilst rubbing and massaging various areas of the body, focusing on pressure points and lines of energy (acupressure). This process will aid to relieve certain areas of stress and tension and also improving your flexibility at the same time.
  2. Why choose a Thai Massage?
    Thai Massage is recommended for those who would like to improve their flexibility and have a unique treatment that will also leave you feeling refreshed and energised. This treatment can aid with pain relief in the back and shoulders. It is suggested for those who prefer a deeper massage and who practice yoga and would like to apply it in a different setting. However, no prior experience with yoga is required so it is perfect for those wanting to try something completely new!
  3. Main benefits
    • Improves circulation
    • Relieves muscular tension
    • Improves flexibility
    • Balances the mind
    • Reduces stress

What to expect…

  1. Before
    Initially the therapist will interpret what you would like to gain from the treatment and whether you have any specific medical problems that they may aid with or take into account. They will then explain the process of Thai Massage and what you should expect.
    This treatment does not require any undressing and so you will remain fully clothed, with comfortable clothing recommended. You will then place yourself on a mat on the floor rather than a massage table.
  2. During
    The therapist will guide you through the movements and yoga positions with their hands whilst using firm pressure to release physical and emotional tension by applying this to energy points. The thumb, elbow, knee and even foot may be used by the therapist to carry this out. They will also encourage you to be engaged in the process of the treatment.
  3. After
    After your treatment you will feel uplifted and peaceful. We advise you to relax and to drink plenty of water in order to aid removal of toxins that will have been released as well as to rehydrate the body. Alcohol should be avoided and physical activity shouldn’t be undertaken until you have had time to recover.
Please note: All our therapists can perform the summer massage. Your summer massage can be combined with all massage treatments so simply choose your massage type and leave an additional comment "summer massage" on the booking confirmation page.
What our clients think!
"Had a 3 hour massage with Jade. Did have some painful muscles on legs and lower back before we started afterwards all was good. Top massage."
Stewart Tue, 06 June 2017
"As an International and Olympic athlete I set my expectations very high and massage is no exception. I thoroughly recommend Tasha as a massage therapist as she has delivered a world class massage every time. "
Ole Sun, 19 April 2020
"Jana puts you at ease and enables one to ask questions which he answers to the best of his ability. Jana explains what she's doing and showed me some stretching exercises in conjunction with the massage that were very helpful. Her massage techniq..."
Jay Morris Fri, 10 November 2017
"I had an accident injuring my neck almost 7 years ago. I have had neck pain and constant headaches ever since. I started seeing Katia and within a few visits my headaches were gone and my neck was much better. She also gave me recommendations on how..."
Emily Tue, 30 May 2017
Some of our clients
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