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Jet Lag
An energising and uplifting treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed if jet-lagged, fatigued or mentally worn-down after a long flight.
About the Treatment
  1. What is The Jet Lag Treatment?
    This therapy is specific for those who need a revitalising and stimulating treatment after a long haul holiday resulting in jet-lag.
    Holidays are a much needed break from the stressful busy lives we lead; however jet-lag is maybe the only downside to taking a break somewhere far away. Jet-lag is as a result of the time differences between destinations disrupting the bodies’ circadian rhythm when crossing time zones. It can result in various symptoms such as disruption of appetite, bowel habits, blood pressure, urine production. It can lead to headaches, nausea and fatigue.
    Unfortunately, jet-lag is not preventable but there are certain things that can reduce the effects of it, one of them being a jet-lag massage. The massage will aid with the body’s fatigue and soothe the aching muscles. The perfect resolution to jet-lag is with Zen London, as you can organise the treatment in advance, as well as having it in the comfort of your own home.
  2. Why choose the Jet Lag Treatment?
    Recommended for those that travel regularly on long-haul flights, are known to experience severe symptoms of jet-lag or if you just can’t get enough of that relaxing holiday feeling, don’t let it end and book a jet-lag massage treatment now!
  3. Main benefits
    • Improves circulation (vital after long-haul flights)
    • Encourages internal body clock to adjust to new time zone
    • Energises the body
    • Energises the body
What to expect…
  1. Before
    Initially, the therapists will learn about any medical history that you have and about which symptoms of jet-lag you feel. This will ensure that the treatment is specific to your needs and you can get the most out of the process.
    You will each be left alone to undress (underwear should remain), and then lie on the massage table (with assistance by the therapist if required).
  2. During
    Depending on what symptoms you experience and also your therapist, the treatment type will vary. The therapist will use their expertise knowledge to perform a massage that is best suited for you.
  3. After
    After your treatment, we advise to drink plenty of water in order to aid removal of toxins that will have been released and to rehydrate the body. Alcohol should also be avoided. Following the massage, you should both continue to relax and if feeling sore, a hot bath is highly recommended.
Please note: All our therapists can perform the summer massage. Your summer massage can be combined with all massage treatments so simply choose your massage type and leave an additional comment "summer massage" on the booking confirmation page.
What our clients think!
"Jana puts you at ease and enables one to ask questions which he answers to the best of his ability. Jana explains what she's doing and showed me some stretching exercises in conjunction with the massage that were very helpful. Her massage techniq..."
Jay Morris Fri, 10 November 2017
"Had a 3 hour massage with Jade. Did have some painful muscles on legs and lower back before we started afterwards all was good. Top massage."
Stewart Tue, 06 June 2017
"Excellent experience! My one hour relaxation massage was phenomenal. Anna is a dedicated and skilled therapist. My only regret is that my session was only 60 minutes."
Clinton Fri, 04 August 2017
"I had Alexandra for a full body intense massage. I have never had someone visit my house for this before so was a little apprehensive. Alexandra's easy and smiley nature makes you feel comfortable straight away. She set herself up swiftly and got..."
Cathleen Sat, 24 June 2017
Some of our clients
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